Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Vintage bathroom decorating ideas you can use to create the vintage bathroom of your dreams.  Whether your house is 80 years old or brand new, vintage bathroom decor is all the rage.   You can give your bathroom a vintage look with a few well-chosen products.  From vintage shower curtains to vintage toilet paper holders, we have found the prettiest and most unusual on the web.   Take just one idea, and let your imagination fly.  What is your overall goal in your decor?  Historically accurate?  Beautiful?  Functional?  Whatever you choose, enjoy the process – express yourself in your home decor.

Are you wondering about the difference in vintage and antique? It seems most people use the two terms interchangeably. Antiques, however, generally fall into the category of over one hundred years old. Your vintage bathroom décor can include items not quite that old, yet no longer in normal use. Advancements in design, function, and taste have simplified our world, but the beauty, detail, and sometimes simplicity of vintage items makes them fascinating. Infuse Your Bathroom With Simple, Old-Fashioned Charm

Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas # 1 — Maximize your decorating budget with a trip to your attic or storage closet. Do you have Aunt Lillie’s comb, brush and mirror set? How about a few little hand towels edged with crochet or tatting?

Remodeling? The high tank pull chain toilets are unique and beautiful in your vintage bathroom.

vintage bathroomSinkology TBT-6631CL Heisenberg Handmade Pure Solid Freestanding Claw Foot Bath Tub, 5.5′, Antique Copperclaw foot bath tub

This beautiful copper claw foot tub will be the focal point of your elegant new bathroom. Simply Elegant.

Vintage Shower Curtains — Bathroom

We strongly suggest your start with your choice of shower curtain.  The shower curtain, when closed, covers more space than anything else in the bathroom.   These vintage selections are our favorites, but you can click on any one of these to see even more.   Choose your favorite style, let your shower curtain be the focal point of your bathroom, and add accessories and linens to carry out your theme.   If you are lucky enough to live in a very old home, but there are some features in the old bathroom that do not make you happy, now is the time to change them.

Vintage Old Twisted Tree PrintVintage Old Twisted Tree PrintVintage Shower CurtainVintage Shower CurtainPink Flower on Rustic WoodPink Flower on Rustic WoodVintage White Decorative FabricVintage White Decorative Fabric




Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas # 2 — A green plant or two bring life to the room.  A simple container to blend with your color choice can be highlighted by simple clear marbles layered across the top of the soil.  The marbles catch the light and make the plant sparkle.

Vintage Wall Art

Vintage bathroom decorating ideas would be incomplete without a couple of examples of wall art.  Your vintage wall art can be humorous, like the “Take a Bath” advertisement, or it can be lovely featuring fashion from that time period.

Vintage Bath Advertising Wall ArtVintage Bath Advertising Wall ArtClassic Prints for BathroomClassic Prints for BathroomWhen All Else FailsWhen All Else FailsSepia Bathroom Photograph SetSepia Bathroom Photograph Set


Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas # 3 – Pull out some old photographs! Those from the early 1900’s are perfect. Place one or several in ornate frames and place on a table or counter top. An attention grabber.

Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas # 4 — Take advantage of the flexibility of the vintage term by including other old items such as luggage or books.  Hats, too, are fun, and doubly so when perched on a wall hook – just one or several in a grouping.

Vintage Bathroom Shelves and Storage

Vintage bathroom decorating ideas can go wild with shelving and storage ideas.  The  apothecary theme that is so popular today lends itself to your vintage decor with practical solutions.  Can’t you just see the old drugstore?  You will have “a place for everything and everything in its place.”



Vintage Soap Holders and Dispensers

We were totally delighted to find these vintage soap holders.  I have to admit that I am partial to the Tap Iron Soap Holder shown below.

Vintage Claw Foot Bath Soap HolderVintage Claw Foot Bath Soap HolderVintage Lil' Soap Tin HolderVintage Lil’ Soap Tin HolderDesigner 4-Piece Ceramic Bath Accessory SetDesigner 4-Piece Ceramic Bath Accessory SetSpigot Soap and Towel HolderSpigot Soap and Towel Holder


Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas # 5 — Add special soap to the soap dish.  Yardley Soap has been around for well over one hundred years! Yardley Lavender is a delightful favorite for many people. Buy extra bars and place them where bathroom linens are stored for additional delightful aroma to highlight the vintage bathroom décor.

Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas # 6 — Do you have a genealogy chart of your family?  Why not have it framed and use it with other period art?  That is certainly better than keeping it tucked away year after year.

Vintage Toilet Paper Holder

Earlier, we were discussing replacing things in your old bathroom that irritate you–  If that old toilet paper holder is driving you mad, you can easily replace it with one of these vintage ones – and maintain your vintage look.

Fleur De Lis Cast Iron Toilet Paper HolderVintage Swivel Toilet Paper HolderBranch With Leaves Toilet Paper HolderToilet Paper Holder, Venetian Bronze

Vintage bathroom decorating ideas # 7 Look in your cabinets for pale pink, green, or gold glass pieces of etched or pressed glass. Small trays, candlesticks, little jars can become a simple vintage vanity set or representative of one.

Vintage bathroom decorating ideas # 8 –Don’t forget the magazines!  Choose antique magazines or retro magazines and place several in a basket or wooden bowl for the bathroom readers!

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