Futuristic Star Trek Bathroom Decor for Trekkies

Futuristic Star Trek Bathroom Decor for Trekkies

Star Trek bathroom decor is more popular than ever.  Trekkies are all excited about the latest Star Trek movie , Star Trek Beyond.  Now is the time to decorate your bathroom in a Star Trek theme.  Your kids will think it’s fabulously trendy and your Trekkie friends will be green with envy.

Start With a Stunning Star Trek Shower Curtain

Your Star Trek bathroom decor will seem half done when you hang your Star Trek shower curtain. Shower curtains take up a great deal of viewing space in any bathroom. Starting with your shower curtain will inspire you to work even faster to see your completed project.  Click to choose your favorite and move forward with items for your new themed bathroom.

Star Trek TNG TransporterStar Trek TNG TransporterStar Trek: Enterprise BlueprintStar Trek: Enterprise BlueprintStar Trek MemoriesStar Trek MemoriesStar Trek CharactersStar Trek Characters

Star Trek Beyond –Posters for the Walls

As the Enterprise crashes into a new adventure in 2016, we all want at least one poster to mark the occasion.   Your new Star Trek bathroom is the perfect spot to pay homage to the joys of being a Trekkie — even in 2016.


Star Trek Inspired Art posterStar Trek Inspired Art posterStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek II: The Wrath Of KhanStar Trek II: The Wrath Of KhanStar Trek To Boldly GoStar Trek To Boldly Go

Exciting Star Trek Wall Decor – Including Fatheads

Decorating the walls of your Star Trek bathroom is simple with the wide array of choices available. You can choose quotes, decals, Star Trek posters and prints, or even a Star Trek clock. My personal favorites are the Star Trek Fatheads, and I know the teens enjoy Fathead style.  The Fathead decals are great Christmas and birthday gifts, too.

Live Long and ProsperLive Long and ProsperStar Trek Insignia Wall DecalStar Trek Insignia Wall DecalFATHEAD Captain James T. KirkFATHEAD Captain James T. KirkStar Trek Starfleet CommandStar Trek Starfleet Command

Star Trek Bathroom Decor With a Purpose – Bathroom Linens to Match Your Theme

It is fun to have some themed bathroom towels and bath mats in your Star Trek theme.   You can mix with solid towels that continue your color focus, too.  Everything in the bathroom does not have to be themed.   It’s a good idea to choose your themed shower curtain, and add 4 or 5 other themed purchases, and then try it all on.   Live with it a few weeks, and then add as you find items you absolutely must have or your Star Trek bathroom.  Enjoy the process.


Star Trek Bath MatStar Trek Bath MatStarfleet Command Fingertip TowelStarfleet Command Fingertip TowelAmong The Stars Face Hand TowelAmong The Stars Face Hand TowelStar Trek Borg Bath Towel SetStar Trek Borg Bath Towel SetStar Trek FLoor MatStar Trek FLoor MatStar Trek To Boldly GoStar Trek To Boldly Go

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