Sea Turtle Bathroom Decor – Colorful Elegance

Sea turtle bathroom decor highlights the majestic sea turtle. The grace and dignity of the sea turtle creates a bathroom theme that is relaxing and beautiful.  If you have children or grandchildren, do take this opportunity to educate them about these ancient sea turtles.  Read a story about sea turtles or find a few facts on the internet to share with them.  Your sea turtle bathroom decor is a great opportunity for teaching.   One of the most elegant of the bathroom decorating themes available, in my opinion.

When I saw some of the fabulous Sea Turtle products I am sharing with you, I immediately thought of a friend and a relative.  They both have volunteered to assist with preservation efforts of these outstanding creatures of nature.  The nestings are often destroyed by the tides and are gently moved to a safer location. Later, the hatchlings may not make it to the water-birds or tourists grab them.  Volunteers often rise before dawn to monitor and/or protect the nests, no matter what the weather.  Later, they, or others watch and often gently help the new babies make it to the ocean! Exciting conservation efforts are in place and these are great stories to tell to children as well as adults!

Sea Turtle Shower Curtains

Choose your favorite sea turtle shower curtain to be the focal point of your sea turtle bathroom decor.

Underwater Sea Turtle Shower CurtainUnderwater Sea Turtle Shower CurtainWaterproof Sea Turtle Shower CurtainWaterproof Sea Turtle Shower CurtainFriendly Sea TurtleFriendly Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle Bathroom Accessories

Your sea turtle bathroom accessories can include those items that are for decor only. You certainly will want to be practical as well, but don’t miss this opportunity to show off your favorite sea turtle pieces.  This first grouping is more decorative, while the second grouping is useful and pretty as well.  Even though goldfish are not in the ocean with our sea turtles, a small bowl with two or three gold fish swimming around is fun.  Goldfish are an easy way to add water creatures to your newly decorated sea turtle bathroom.

Sea Turtle Figurine Set of 2Sea Turtle Figurine Set of 2Mermaid on a Sea TurtleMermaid on a Sea TurtleTurtle Statue Wall HangingTurtle Statue Wall Hanging


“Pride of one’s work is not improper, unladylike, or vain. We can all take a lesson from the sea turtle. She does not travel thousands of miles or risk all for her ego. She has an instinct for greatness — one that I believe is found in all living creatures. ” Mary Alice Monroe in Beach House Memories

 Painted Metal Sea Turtle Toilet Paper Holder Set of 3 Metal Sea Turtle Towel Hooks Sea Turtle Family 4-Peg Wooden Wall Hook Sea Turtle Clock

Sea Turtle Bathroom Decor – Include Your Linens

You may wish to use some existing bathroom linens if possible, but highlights with a few of these attractive ones will take the sea turtle theme a step further.

 Bath Towel Set with Embroidered Sea Turtle Embroidered Sea Turtle Hand Towel Sea Turtle Mat Sea Turtle Bath Towel

Stunning Sea Turtle Wall Decor

I found a wide variety of sea turtle wall decor in my research. Your personal taste in art will dictate your choices, but these are examples of the beautiful sea turtle art that is available for your sea turtle bathroom.

 SEA Turtle Metal Wall ART Sea Turtle Wall Decor Turtle by Ed Capeau

Enjoy your sea turtle bathroom decor.  Remember: talk to your children and/or grandchildren about these magnificent creatures.  Consider a trip to one of the Sea Turtle Hospitals – a real treat!

Or read about the sea turtles – Sea Turtle Books

Or search Amazon for even more sea turtle ideas:

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