Pretty Peacock Inspired Bathroom Adds So Much Color to Your Home


peacock inspired bathroomHow to Create An Elegant Peacock Inspired Bathroom 

Peacock decorations for the bathroom are glamorous and colorful indeed.  If you want a glamorous, colorful, nature-lovin’ bathroom, this is the way to go.  Your peacock inspired bathroom will be a constant joy to you and your guests.

Your color scheme can come from a wide range of peacock colors ranging from blues and teals to more natural shades of white and beige.  Clear your bathroom of all former decor and let’s get busy!

Pretty as a Peacock Shower Curtains

Remember that your
peacock shower curtain takes up more actual space than any other item you will purchase for your new peacock bathroom.  Any one of the stunning peacock shower curtains will be beautiful.   Choose your shower curtain first — everything else in your peacock inspired bathroom decor plan will need to blend well with the shower curtain.

Always click to read details. Some of these gorgeous peacock shower curtains include the rings.

Peacock Decor Shower Curtain SetPeacock Decor Shower Curtain SetBeautiful Peacock PatternBeautiful Peacock PatternBeautiful Peacock Shower CurtainBeautiful Peacock Shower CurtainAmbesonne Peacock DecorAmbesonne Peacock Decor


Pretty as a Peacock Bathroom Rugs

Your bathroom rug can even be elegant if you like.  I like to have at least two
bathroom rugs so that I can interchange them for a quick new look.   Consider using a solid color bath mat that matches your perky peacock bathroom for a change.

CozyBath Peacock FeathersCozyBath Peacock FeathersPretty Peacock Blue Rug for BathPretty Peacock Blue Rug for BathBeautiful Peacock Tail Feathers BathroomBeautiful Peacock Tail Feathers BathroomGreen Peacock Feather PatternGreen Peacock Feather Pattern


Peacock Bathroom Accessories

Your peacock decorations for the bathroom can be functional as well as beautiful.   Choose items that work for you and your family to insure that your perky
peacock bathroom decor is indeed lovely and not too “busy”.   See that retro peacock pattern soap dispenser below?   It is basically a solid color with a bit of peacock.  If you already have a gorgeous showy peacock shower curtain, and a wild and wonderful piece of peacock wall decor, keep your accessories simple.

Decorative Marrakesh Peacock Rosie and Alex's Bath SeatsDecorative Marrakesh Peacock Rosie and Alex’s Bath SeatsRetro Peacock Pattern Bathroom Soap DispenserRetro Peacock Pattern Bathroom Soap DispenserBoudoir Collection Boxed Tissues Paisley PeacockBoudoir Collection Boxed Tissues Paisley PeacockPeacock Soap Dispenser & Toothbrush HolderPeacock Soap Dispenser & Toothbrush Holder


Peacock Decorations for the Bathroom Walls

Your peacock inspired bathroom will come to life with beautiful wall decor — whether you decide to use framed pictures or sculpture.  The peacocks are so very showy and gorgeous, I am thinking the smart thing is to select 2 or 3 beautiful pieces and mix with solids.   In other words, be careful not to overdo so that your peacocks have a chance to shine on their own.   Any one of these pieces of wall decor would add to your perfect peacock bathroom decor.

Bejeweled Display® Peacock w/ GlassBejeweled Display® Peacock w/ GlassPretty Peacock Wall DecorPretty Peacock Wall DecorPeacock Canvas Art PrintsPeacock Canvas Art PrintsMetal Elegant Peacock Wall ArtMetal Elegant Peacock Wall Art


Peacock Bathroom Products On Zazzle

Zazzle is great fun to shop when you are looking for something unusual. The products are created by people like you and me who have artistic talents and/or wonderful photos to use on products. Some of the products can be customized with your monogram or favorite quote, so it’s always a good idea to spend a few minutes at Zazzle when you are redecorating your bathroom. You can see more products in any category by clicking on one of my favorite peacock finds here:

This peacock is watching you! BathmatThis peacock is watching you! BathmatPeacock BATH SCALES Bathroom ScalePeacock BATH SCALES Bathroom ScalePrissy Peacock Shower CurtainPrissy Peacock Shower CurtainFeather Dancer Shower CurtainFeather Dancer Shower Curtain


Why Create a Peacock Inspired Bathroom ?

If you love peacocks for their magnificent colors, the shape of the fanned feathers or the spirit of such showy magnificence – you will enjoy your peacock inspired bathroom.  Does a peacock remind you to show off your best self every day?   To show your true colors?  To be proud of who you are as a person?   Whatever your reason for choosing peacocks, I know that your result will be a very pleasing
peacock bathroom decor.  How could you possibly go wrong with these beautiful creatures of nature?  Enjoy the project.  Enjoy your new bathroom.  Allow the peacocks to inspire you.

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peacock bathroom decor
peacock bathroom theme
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