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Mermaid Bathroom Decor We Love

mermaid bathroom decorBeautiful mermaid bathroom decor can be yours. Mermaids have fascinated us for generations – we love the freedom, the grace, and the mystery.  Creating a mermaid bathroom theme for yourself will inspire and encourage you every day.  It only takes a few items to create a themed bathroom – have fun, but don’t overwhelm your theme.  

Large Mermaid Wall Decor to Set the Stage

Start with a large mermaid wall decor piece to make a big statement.  This is a bathroom for a gorgeous mermaid.

mermaid wall decorOhio Wholesale Beauty from the Sea Wall Art, from our Water Collectionmermaid wall decormermaid wall artOhio Wholesale Sea Beauty Mermaid Wall Art, from our Water Collectionmermaid wall decorMermaid Canvas, Advice From a Mermaidmermaid wall decormermaid wall sculpturesMermaid Wall Sculptures Wall Artmermaid wall decor


Lovely Mermaid Bathmat and Night Light

Every lovely mermaid deserves a beautiful bathmat.  Step out of your mermaid world in the shower on to a bathmat — perhaps as a reminder that you may have your feet on the ground but you can still think like a mermaid all day long.    In our house, we have night lights everywhere.   It’s really fun to have a nightlight that matches your mermaid thoughts, too.

mermaid bathroom accessoriesMermaids Are Real Bath Mat Bath Matsmermaid bathroom accessoriesmermaid bathroom accessoriesOld School Mermaid Beauty Bath Matsmermaid bath matsmermaid bathroom accessoriesMermaids Swimming Square Tilemermaid bathroom accessoriesmermaid night lightsGolden Hair Mermaid Nite Lite

Choose Your Favorite Mermaid Shower Curtain

When choosing your mermaid shower curtain, you can choose by color or by following your mermaid heart.   Which mermaid shower curtain reflects the way you most want to feel?  Decorating any room should be a reflection of yourself.  Your shower curtain is one of the largest pieces of mermaid bathroom decor.  Choose wisely.

mermaid shower curtainsAquarius Mermaid Collage Gothic Woman Whimsical Shower Curtainmermaid shower curtainsmermaid shower curtainMermaid Basking on Shore of Aqua Blue Sea Shower Curtainmermaid shower curtainmermaid bathroom decorMermaid On The Beach Print Waterproof Shower Curtainmermaid shower curtainmermaid shower curtainCafePress Marine Mermaid Shower Curtain – Standard Whitemermaid shower curtain


Mermaid Bathroom Towels for Your Mermaid Bathroom Decor

Treat yourself to at least one set of mermaid towels.  You can use towels you already have that match your new color scheme, too.  But a beautiful mermaid towel will add to your feeling of luxury.

mermaid wall decorTowel Combo – Bathroom Towels – (5-pack) – Mermaidmermaid wall decorlarge mermaid wall artMermaid Mermaids of the Sea Cotton Bath or Beach Towellarge mermaid wall decormermaid wall decorMermaid Embroidered Hand Towelmermaid wall decormermaid bathroom decorMermaid Heart Towelmermaid wall sculptures


Convenient Mermaid Toothbrush Holders, Soap and Lotion Dispensers

It’s important to add all those conveniences that you normally use, and it is possible to continue your theme through the most normally mundane bathroom accessories. Beautiful mermaids are available in all sorts of products for your bathroom. Thank goodness!

mermaid bathroom accessoriesAquarius Mermaid Woman Gothic Whimsical Collage Toothbrush Holdermermaid toothbrush holdersVintage Blonde Pinup Mermaid in Diamonds Bathroom Setsmermaid bathroom decormermaid bathroom themeI Love Half Fish Bath Setmermaid decormermaid bathroomBathroom set with Purple-haired Mermaidmermaid bathroom decor

Add a Few Inspirational Mermaid Quotes

I easily admit that I love great inspirational quotes. I have to be constantly inspired and motivated – and wall quotes really do help me. Any of these inspirational mermaid quotes will be great in my new bathroom. Which one is your favorite? Your mermaid bathroom decor will be complete with something to inspire you daily.

mermaid quotesAdvice from a Mermaid- Make Waves – Catch a Seabreeze – Always Sea Life’s Beauty- Take Time To Coastmermaid quotesmermaid quotesMERMAIDS Ride out the storms, Play in the waves, and Live so deep that Life takes their Breath away.mermaid quotes

This site is filled with unusual bathroom themes. Mermaids like us are just naturally attracted to the unusual, the daring. You will enjoy these themes, also.

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