Halloween Bathroom Decor Is Fun or Creepy!

Halloween bathroom decor is fun – whether you are choosing spooky shower curtains or pretty pumpkins in a row. A Halloween themed bathroom is easy to create, a delight for the children and a surprise for your guests. Have fun all through the process of creation. Enjoy. This is a lighthearted project, just for the Halloween season. Let your imagination go wild.  It’s Halloween!   Everybody enjoys Halloween bathroom decor.  Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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Happy or Spooky Halloween Shower Curtains?

Your Halloween bathroom decor begins with a shower curtain.  Your choice of a Halloween shower curtain will set the tone for your theme.  If you choose a spooky shower curtain, your bathroom will be a scary place indeed.   If you choose a pretty happy Halloween themed shower curtain, the rest of your accessories should be non-threatening, too.  Consider the ages of your children.  Scary bathroom decor might be too frightening for your small children.  For middle school and high school kids, the spookier the better.  At that age, they love to be terrified- oh the drama!

Halloween Shower CurtainHalloween Shower CurtainHalloween Shower CurtainHalloween Ghost PumpkinHalloween Ghost PumpkinHalloween Ghost PumpkinHalloween Shower CurtainHalloween Shower CurtainHalloween Shower CurtainHappy Halloween Black CatHappy Halloween Black CatHappy Halloween Black Cat


Halloween Bathroom Accessories to Complete Your Halloween Bathroom Decor

You can fill out your Halloween bathroom decor with all kinds of fun accessories.   Hang a net spiderweb in the corner.  Add add a big plastic spider.   Use plastic spiders and skeletons to hang in unexpected places.   You probably have a box full of Halloween decor in the attic.  Look through what you have.  Some of your existing Halloween decor may fit right into your new Halloween scheme for the bathroom.

Sugar Skull Shower Curtain HooksSugar Skull Shower Curtain HooksSugar Skull Shower Curtain HooksScary Toilet Paper HolderScary Toilet Paper HolderScary Toilet Paper HolderSourpuss Monster & Bride Bathroom SetSourpuss Monster & Bride Bathroom SetSourpuss Monster & Bride Bathroom SetJack Skellington Toothbrush HolderJack Skellington Toothbrush HolderJack Skellington Toothbrush Holder

Just imagine the fun you would have decorating with some of these spooky items. Your bathroom will be ready for Halloween for sure!  Your family and your guests will have fun with this idea.   Surprise them all by decorating the bathroom for Halloween.

Boo SignBoo SignWitch Will TalkWitch Will TalkCrazy Bonez Skeleton RavenCrazy Bonez Skeleton RavenFlashing Eyes Halloween LightsFlashing Eyes Halloween Lights

Halloween Bathroom Decor Includes the Toilet

Your toilet can take on a personality of its own during your Halloween Bathroom Decor plan. How spooky shall your toilet become? Sharks? Grabber? What about all the bloody fingerprints?  And yes, the toilet paper holder needs some attention too.  How spooky can you make your bathroom this year?

Halloween Toilet Paper HolderZombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet TopperSpider Toilet Topper Peel ‘N PlaceZombie Toilet Paper HolderShark Toilet Topper Peel ‘N PlaceBloody Bathroom Tile Clings

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Use what you have, add some new items, and make this holiday special for your family and friends. To maximize the pleasure, why not decide now to decorate your bathroom on the first day of October? The days fly by so quickly. Planning ahead will enable you to relax and enjoy as the big day approaches. Enjoy the video!

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