The Funkiest Boho Bathroom Theme

Boho Bathroom ThemeDecorating with your Boho bathroom theme is so exciting. Let your own distinctive style shine through with gorgeous Bohemian bathroom accessories, Boho shower curtains, and Boho tapestry wall hangings. Bohemian bathroom decorating is easier than ever – the selections in products just continues to get more beautiful and more varied week by week. Boho is hot, hot, hot! Turn Your Home Into A Bohemian Sanctuary 

Begin with Boho Shower Curtains

Grab a beautiful Bohemian shower curtain and get started with your bathroom.   Your shower curtain takes up more space than just about any bathroom accessory you will purchase.   You can select from these Boho shower curtains or choose any one of these to see even more.  A fresh, new, gorgeous, colorful shower curtain always lifts my spirits!


Bohemian Flower Floral Shower CurtainBohemian Flower Floral Shower CurtainBohemian Boho Flowers Shower CurtainBohemian Boho Flowers Shower CurtainBoho Colorful Fun Bird PatternBoho Colorful Fun Bird PatternBlue Orange Retro Round Squares PatternBlue Orange Retro Round Squares Pattern

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Just saw this on Amazon: Boho Decor Peace Van Funny Minivan Caravan … too cute! via @amazon

Bohemian Bathroom Accessories For Convenience and Even More Glamour

Bohemian bathroom accessories can be just about anything you want for holding your toothbrushes, lotions, and soaps.  You are the creative one – You probably have dozens of ideas of your own.  But if you are searching for items that will fit your decor, and are made to accessorize your bathroom, I found a few you might like.  Your Boho bathroom theme gives you so many options with accessories.  Did you know you can click on any of these Zazzle designs and create your own design?   Try it and see.


Boho Bohemian Retro Peacock Pattern Toothbrush HolderBoho Bohemian Retro Colorful Pattern Bathroom SetBohemian Boho MOD Hippy Chic Pattern Bathroom SetsBohemian Boho MOD Pattern Toothbrush Holders

Bohemian Bathroom Lighting

Oh lighting for your new bathroom can be fun indeed!  Are you wild and crazy enough for the multicolor chandelier?  It sure is tempting to me.   But the Dainolite lighting pendant certainly has style and flair.   Choose your favorite Bohemian bathroom lighting fixtures to make your bathroom reflect your fun personality.

Gypsy Color 6 Arm MULTI COLOR Large Acrylic CRYSTAL CHANDELIERDainolite Lighting 5-Light Crystal Pendant with Rectangular Organza Shade


Bohemian Wall Art for Your Boho Bathroom Theme

Wall art in a Bohemian theme is plentiful.  What is your favorite?   Which colors make your heart sing with delight?   Choose art that makes you smile each and every morning.

Bohemian Bird by Holly Mcgee Painting PrintBohemian Colorwheel by Lana Framed Print

Bohemian Baskets for your Boho Bathroom Theme

Baskets, baskets and more baskets. Use them to decorate; use them for storage. Baskets are always gorgeous and wonderfully convenient in the bathroom. These are my favorite bohemian baskets so far this year.

One of a Kind Fabric Bowl, Fall Colors, Coiled BasketOne of a Kind Fabric Bowl, Fall Colors, Coiled BasketTie Dye, One of a Kind Fabric Bowl, Coiled Basket, Tie Dyed ClothTie Dye, One of a Kind Fabric Bowl, Coiled Basket, Tie Dyed Cloth


Green Plants Are Always a Great Idea in the Bathroom

One of the best bathroom decorating ideas is greenery.  Add plants in places that need a spark of color.   These planters give you plenty of options for live green plants in your new Bohemian bathroom decor.