Awesome Harry Potter Bathroom Decor

Harry Potter fans, young and old, will enjoy their own Harry Potter bathroom decor.   This is a especially cute idea for your young bookworm, wizard-in-the-making.   Encourage their interest in the mysteries of Harry Potter.

Choose an Exciting Harry Potter Shower Curtain to Set the Stage

Your new bathroom decorating theme is quickly evident with just one glance into the bathroom when you choose a Harry Potter themed shower curtain.

Diagon Decor AlleyDiagon Decor AlleyDiagon Decor AlleyBadge DecorBadge DecorBadge DecorMagic School ShieldMagic School ShieldMagic School ShieldBartoriBartoriBartori


Harry Potter Decal Stickers Are Fun and Easy to Apply

It’s pretty simple to add Harry Potter wall decals and quotes to your bathroom wall. There is even a fun Harry Potter toilet decal. Click to read the reviews– sounds like everybody is having fun with that decal especially.  I would definitely suggest at least one Harry Potter quote somewhere in the bathroom – inspiring while we decorate – that’s the way moms think, right?

Ministry Of Magic Toilet DecalMinistry Of Magic Toilet DecalHappiness can be foundHappiness can be foundIt is our choices that show what we truly areIt is our choices that show what we truly areHarry Potter CrestHarry Potter Crest


Have Some Fun with Harry Potter Door Stickers

Imagine the delight of your guests when they close the bathroom door and realize they are in a Harry Potter world of imagination with entry ways to all sorts of imaginary adventures. Enjoy the reactions of your children and their guests when they discover the back of that bathroom door. Your Harry Potter bathroom would simply not be complete without one of these awesome door stickers.

Hogwarts corridorHogwarts corridorHarry Potter Platform MuralHarry Potter Platform MuralHarry Potter Magic HogwartsHarry Potter Magic HogwartsNo MugglesNo Muggles


Which Harry Potter Stand Up Would You Use If You Had Room?

Standups are just fun — for decorating and for photo opportunities. And you can move them around so easily, it’s hard to find a reason not to have at least one! Which character would you choose? Click the characters to see more.  Your Harry Potter bathroom decor will definitely be memorable with one of these characters standing at attention.

Hagrid from Harry PotterHagrid from Harry PotterHarry Potter Stand-UpHarry Potter Stand-Up


Harry Potter Bathroom Decor with a Function

Decor can be functional.  Choose a Harry Potter light switch decal or a clock to keep everybody on time.

Hogwarts School of WitchcraftHogwarts School of WitchcraftHarry Potter Hermione Vinyl Record ClockHarry Potter Hermione Vinyl Record ClockLumos/Nox Light Switch CoverLumos/Nox Light Switch CoverHogwarts Light Switch CoverHogwarts Light Switch Cover


How to Create a Themed Bathroom

Just in case this is your first time to create a themed bathroom, here are my quick tips:
–Choose a large item in your theme — usually the shower curtain.
–Choose 3-5 smaller items to continue the theme.
–Live with it a few weeks and then start filling in areas that need a themed boost.

Have fun with your Harry Potter bathroom decor. Check out the possibilities. Let your imagination be your guide.

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