5 Cute Zebra Print Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Isn’t zebra print wonderful for decorating?  I found these zebra print bathroom decorating ideas on Pinterest.     Just click on the Large pictures to “love” and/or share their beautiful pins.   I appreciate being able to use their ideas so much.  Pinterest is a treasure trove of creativity.  And it’s free!

You will want to choose an accent color for your zebra print bathroom.  Pink and red are the most popular choices, but I have seen people use bright greens and blues, too.  Slip a little zebra print in small spaces if your bathroom is not so large.  It is possible to get that zebra print bathroom look without making huge changes.  I liked the side of this cabinet and the little hand towel – just touches of zebra print.  Zebra print bathroom decorating ideas don’t have to be complicated to look good.  Zebra bathroom decor is simply fun!


Zebra Print Duct Tape Mirror

This zebra print mirror  is such a cute and easy idea — I even think I can do this one. I appreciate cute ideas that I can imagine doing myself. I am not very creative or crafty, so I especially appreciate easy bathroom decorating ideas like this one. Don’t you? Every bathroom needs one more mirror at least — and this is a fun way to do it and stay in that zebra print bathroom theme.

Aspire Home Accents Zebra Wall Mirror - 24W x 31H in.Aspire Home Accents Zebra Wall Mirror – 24W x 31H in.Duck Brand 280110 Printed Duct TapeDuck Brand 280110 Printed Duct TapeCheetah, Zebra & Giraffe Print Duct TapeCheetah, Zebra & Giraffe Print Duct Tape



Zebra Print Wall Art With a Message

These happy messages are a good way to start the day and an easy way to add to your zebra print bathroom decor.  You could also do monograms this way – or any other words/phrases you want to remember daily.  If you tend to be grumpy before you find your coffee, as I am, these would be good reminders.


Zazzling Zebra Wallpaper Elegance

Zebras prance on the walls in this bright and happy bathroom.  Note, too, how they added a green plant — always a good idea in the bathroom.  Philodendron or bamboo are easy to keep alive.

Light Colored Zebra Print Bathroom

This zebra decor pin caught my eye simply because the bathroom  is so bright and airy.  The Zebra romping on the wall gives the room a little whimsy.      Notice in the mirror, you can see a simple white towel with a black washcloth — a great way to get that zebra effect.




This youtube video has some cute ideas, too!