5 Dr Who Bathroom Decor Necessities

dr who bathroom decor

Dr Who bathroom decor is easy and fun with just a few basic products.  First, if you have a favorite Doctor Who quote, or scene, choose a piece of wall art for your bathroom.   Choose a size that will not be overwhelming in your size bathroom.   Use that piece of art as your color scheme, and then choose your Dr Who bathroom accessories such as shower curtains, toothbrush holder, bath mat and towels.  Your Dr Who bathroom decor will happen almost instantly.  Just add your chosen products — step back and take a good look.

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Cute Primitive Outhouse Bathroom Decor

primitive outhouse bathroom decor

primitive outhouse bathroom decorFor the cutest and most unique primitive outhouse bathroom decor ideas, you simply need keep reading here.   My favorite outhouse bathroom decorating ideas are on this page.  And I salute you for having such a great sense of humor.  Enjoy creating your outhouse bathroom and laugh as you work.   Your guests will love it!

 Note:  The large photos on this page are cute ideas from Pinterest.  I appreciate the ability to share those special pins.  Click on a picture to give these creative pinners some Pinterest love.

 Easy Outhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas

It’s all in the details – and with this bathroom theme, you can have fun and do all sorts of quirky things.  This bucket with the burlap ribbon  makes a cute trashcan — and is easy to do.  The same bucket idea would work for those bathroom magazines in the outhouse library.

Are you daring enough to paint a crescent moon on the bathroom door?   If your family does not object to your outhouse bathroom idea, they probably will love having a crescent moon on the door.

Find a vintage Sears catalog to tuck in the bathroom, too.  Do you know what the catalog is for?

Have a brainstorming session with your family or best friend.   Prepare to laugh — hilariously.  You will be surprised at the ideas that come out of that session.  Outhouse bathrooms are funny now– even if they were not so funny when they were a necessity.

outhouse bathroom decorating ideas

Bear Outhouse Toilet Paper HolderBear Outhouse Toilet Paper HolderBathroom Shower Collection - Soap DishBathroom Shower Collection – Soap DishChicken Wire Toilet Paper HolderChicken Wire Toilet Paper Holder



Cute Outhouse Bathroom Storage Ideas

One of my favorite outhouse bathroom storage ideas is another one I found on Pinterest.  It would be simple to create a wooden box with an old license plate to secure the toilet tissue or towels.  You might even find old license plates in your grandma’s garage.
outhouse bathroom storage ideas

Wood Bathroom Laundry Hamper Distressed SageWood Bathroom Laundry Hamper Distressed SageOuthouse Toilet Paper HolderOuthouse Toilet Paper HolderOuthouse Ceramic Cabinet Drawer KnobOuthouse Ceramic Cabinet Drawer Knob



Primitive Outhouse Bathroom Decor for the Walls

The possibilities for outhouse bathroom wall art are endless. Be as discreet or openly naughty as you wish, but do select items that make you smile.

outhouse bathroom wall art

Primitive Outhouse Bathroom Wall ArtPrimitive Outhouse Bathroom Wall ArtA Woman with Umbrella in Ladies Outhouse ToiletA Woman with Umbrella in Ladies Outhouse ToiletStill Waiting Bear Moose Country Bath OuthouseStill Waiting Bear Moose Country Bath Outhouse


Outhouse Bathroom Practical Items

The basics – from themed shower curtains to hand towels and bathmats can be quickly purchased at Amazon.  Click on your favorites to read details and reviews.  Shopping at Amazon is fun and fast.  While you are painting and creating your outhouse crafts, your shower curtain and towels will be on the way to your house.  Bathroom decorating themes are easy with the help of online shopping!

Nature Calls Shower CurtainNature Calls Shower CurtainOuthouses Country Bath TowelOuthouses Country Bath TowelRealistic Black Bear Family Bath MatRealistic Black Bear Family Bath Mat


Outhouse Bathroom Interior Decorations Video

Want even more ideas? This video is literally one idea right after the other. Great for brainstorming outhouse bathroom ideas.

Outhouse bathroom Interior decorations

Outhouse bathroom Interior decorations. Explore http://interiorhome.biz and get Inspirational home Interior design decorating Ideas for Living Room Decorations, Bedroom Decorations, Kitchen Decorations and the entire home.


5 Cute Zebra Print Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Zebra stripe bathroom decorating ideas

Isn’t zebra print wonderful for decorating?  I found these zebra print bathroom decorating ideas on Pinterest.     Just click on the Large pictures to “love” and/or share their beautiful pins.   I appreciate being able to use their ideas so much.  Pinterest is a treasure trove of creativity.  And it’s free!

You will want to choose an accent color for your zebra print bathroom.  Pink and red are the most popular choices, but I have seen people use bright greens and blues, too.  Slip a little zebra print in small spaces if your bathroom is not so large.  It is possible to get that zebra print bathroom look without making huge changes.  I liked the side of this cabinet and the little hand towel – just touches of zebra print.  Zebra print bathroom decorating ideas don’t have to be complicated to look good.

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Mermaid Bathroom Decor We Love

mermaid bathroom decor

mermaid bathroom decorBeautiful mermaid bathroom decor can be yours. Mermaids have fascinated us for generations – we love the freedom, the grace, and the mystery.  Creating a mermaid bathroom theme for yourself will inspire and encourage you every day.  It only takes a few items to create a themed bathroom – have fun, but don’t overwhelm your theme.  

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Unforgettable Marilyn Monroe Bathroom Decor

marilyn monroe bathroom decor

marilyn monroe bathroom decorMarilyn Monroe bathroom decor is simple to achieve because there are so many lovely products you can use. Just about everything you need for your bathroom is available in a Marilyn Monroe theme. From shower curtains to wall decals, you simply choose your products and color scheme and make it happen. I would suggest you order everything you plan to use in your new Marilyn Monroe bathroom, and when you have everything, set aside 4-6 hours and make it happen.

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The Funkiest Boho Bathroom Theme

Boho Bathroom Theme

Boho Bathroom ThemeDecorating with your Boho bathroom theme is so exciting. Let your own distinctive style shine through with gorgeous Bohemian bathroom accessories, Boho shower curtains, and Boho tapestry wall hangings. Bohemian bathroom decorating is easier than ever – the selections in products just continues to get more beautiful and more varied week by week. Boho is hot, hot, hot! Turn Your Home Into A Bohemian Sanctuary 

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The Jolliest Santa Claus Bathroom Decorations for 2016

santa claus bathroom decor

Jolly Santa Claus bathroom decorations for whimsical fun Christmas decor in the bathroom.   Let your imagination go wild.  In our house, we enjoy laughter and fun all year, but especially at Christmas time.   Your Santa bathroom decorating adventure begins with shower curtains and includes everything from toothbrushes to bathroom sprays for the holidays.  Have a happy Ho Ho Ho with Santa Claus bathroom decor this year!

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Best Fishing Themed Bathroom Decor

Fishing Themed Bathroom Decor

The best fishing themed bathroom decor can happen easily with a few of these ideas and products.

Serious fishermen love to catch the best, biggest and most fish.  Even a beginner is thrilled with “the best” little fish.  I know that thrill–  that feeling when the fish grabs the hook and pulls the line downward to get deeper in the water.  Your fishermen will enjoy being reminded of those exciting moments in their special fisherman bathroom decor.

Click any item on this page to see even more fishing themed decorative touches.  My nephew is a bass fisherman.   Earlier today, I even spotted a large mouthed bass shower curtain. I think that shower curtain would make a great birthday gift for him.  Help your favorite nephew decorate his own fishing themed bathroom.

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Baseball Themed Bathroom for Kids – Batter Up!

Baseball Themed Bathroom for Kids

Decorating a baseball themed bathroom is fun!  Let your child choose his favorite team or his own team or both to highlight in his bathroom.  You can paint the bathroom in his team colors, or choose a baseball wallpaper to set your theme.  Don’t forget to include a poster of your own little baseball hero.

Baseball Shower Curtains

The quickest and easiest way to set the theme of any bathroom is with the shower curtain.  The shower curtain takes up more space per square foot than anything except paint or wallpaper.   Shower curtains are a busy mom’s best decorating trick.   And you can update your decor next season with a new baseball shower curtain.  The variety continues to expand and we have more choices each year.  These are a few of my favorites, but you can click on any one to see even more.

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